The Remodeling Roller Coaster

Remodeling a kitchen or bathroom can be fun, creative and exciting. It also has its ups and downs as we term it the ’emotional roller coaster’. This roller coaster could have dramatic highs and lows or it can be a fairly smooth ride.

Typical remodel roller coaster.

Renovisions roller coaster.
Below is our version of the roller coaster illustrated through
a recent design/build kitchen Renovision.

We believe what makes a difference is how our team approaches the project from design and selections to final completion.

If you are in a first time kitchen or bath remodeling project and you’re feeling a little nervous, you are not alone. An investment of this size comes with a lot of questions and the desire to make sure your ROI is great. The feelings, thoughts and emotions of a homeowner experiences is often translated into the common metaphor of “the remodeling roller coaster” and it could not be more accurate. Like any disruption to your routine, the process of remodeling requires patience and flexibility. We recommend that you try to keep your eye on the prize, a room you will enjoy for years to come!

People ask “why the big dips?” we can explain.

Just like buying a car, you may need to review the bells and whistles to reach your ideal cost for your remodeling project. When you work with our design-build team, we are able to give realistic pricing as we design for you. We also present options that fall within a Good-Better-Best cost basis with various product choices.

After design you’ll be signing a contract. We try to make ours as simple as possible, while protecting the rights of our company and the homeowner. After making your deposit payment, your project is scheduled on our calendar and deconstruction of your home will begin soon.

During the demo, its possible unforeseen issues are uncovered that will increase cost to the overall project (rot, repairs, re-routing electric, plumbing lines), subcontractor, shipping and inspection scheduling are complex and there are bound to be a few delays, sometimes longer which can add frustration.

As work proceeds, the emotional curve starts high and heads downhill. Installation of electrical, plumbing, heating and plastering seems tedious.

Drywall installation is often a low point because it closes in previously wide-open spaces and it is a dusty procedure.

After the drywall goes up, your mood will improve dramatically. As we continue to install the items you’ve selected (tiles, cabinetry, fixtures, hardware..) your design comes together a little more each day and that is exciting!

At the end of the job, it is typical to feel like “we love you but please get out of our house!” It can take a little time to recover from the stress of the effort, activity and disruption.

Maintaining trust in your contractor is key as we are trying to get the right parts to keep your project going forward and working diligently on your behalf to keep the job running as smoothly as possible. Effective communication is always appreciated between contractor and customer.

Upon completion, you’re going to feel like the lows were absolutely worth the highs. It is our job as a contractor to prepare you for these moments and be a consistent source of support. Hopefully, knowing this natural ebb and flow ahead of time will help you through your own remodel.

Jun 27, 2019
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KBIS 2017

Ed and Cathy recently attended KBIS (Kitchen and Bath Industry Show) 2017.

They constantly strive through on going educational conferences
to offer you the best selections and valued products.

Fabulous faucet finishes. (left)
Innovative faucet design. Can you guess how this works? (right)

Shower Power – from standard to hand-held to rain shower heads, you choose! (top left)
Water technology making a difference for your new bathroom experience. (top right)
Wider shower head designs with magnetic hand held that works great. (bottom left)
Yes, it actually feels like real rain. Go ahead, splurge on your next shower head! (bottom right)

Do you want to be unique? Do something unique… a copper free-standing tub!
Or, perhaps an all cedar wood tub will do?

Renovisions now offers beautiful teak products. Stop in to see the fine quality
and compare with less expensive versions. You’ll be impressed!

Making vanities that work for us, a smart design idea!
Smart storage ideas. (bottom left)
We connected with this: de-clutter your vanity countertop. (bottom right)

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, whose the smartest of them all… Kohler introduced a re-positional magnifying mirror built into their medicine cabinet.


Check out the beautiful new finish on this rectangular sink. (left)
And for those who strive for a most interesting look for their bathroom sink. (right)

Let us ‘Choreograph’ your next bathroom renovation.
Check out Kohler’s choreograph products. (left)
Tune into your sensational shower experience and connect to your
MP3 for music played through this shower head. (right)

Rose colored fixtures and accessories; not just for jewelry anymore. (left)
Matte black is also an option for your bath. (right)

Introducing: self cleaning toilets by American Standard! (left)
Washlet toilet seats that work great and not cost you an arm and a leg. (right)


Creative look; your guests will line up for your bathroom.

Ship lap barn board is trending; mixed with metal accessories – outstanding!

This is one HOT idea!

We design for our furry friends too.

Push button attic storage. Working smarter, not harder! (left)
Ingenious! Jet your laundry to your laundry room, kids will love it. (right)

What a bright idea… so many colors to choose from for the right look in the right spot.

 Taupe and soft wood textures are trending in shaker door styles
for both the bath and kitchen. (left)
Cool idea! A back-lit cabinet. (right)

New tile designs to make your backSPLASH. (left)
Cathy loves the smart storage solutions. (right)

Want to wow your friends, concicer an under the floor wine cellar.

Coming to a home near you in July, 2017…
A new transitional style kitchen faucet you’ll love. (top left)
LIGHT THE WAY to a smart faucet idea. (top right)
New faucet design to be released in November, 2017. (bottom left)
Beautiful transitional faucet. (bottom right)

Rubber grids – a smart idea for your stainless steel sink. (left)
Cathy loved this wine glass drying rack from Kohler and… it doesn’t break the bank. (right)

Ed’s a WINNER! He spun the wheel and it all lined up for him.
Lowes booth presented with these super nice head phones.

Mar 16, 2017
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Trends in Baths 2016

Larger showers are trending along with personalizing bath spaces, utilizing a variety of products and features.


            Baths with a spa-like feel incorporates ‘cozy spaces’ with warming floors with programmable thermostats, towel warmers, rain- shower heads, hand-held shower heads, free-standing tubs, shelving and niche cubbies for shampoos and shower seats create a more relaxing atmosphere.


            Barrier-free or curb-less showers with lineal style drains are gaining in popularity. They visually enhance the space as the floor slops in one direction and larger format tiles can be continued from the bath floor right into the shower. Grab bars in decorative styles, fold-down shower seats, humidity-sensing ventilation/light models are ideal for the aging in place sector.


            Baths have become more contemporary in style with the focus on simple lines, white fixtures, unique storage spaces and emphasis on larger format tiles growing in popularity. 12” x 24” retro-lineal look is defiantly trending as well as 12” x 35” larger plank-style porcelain tiles seen in several textures including a scraped look. Subway tiles in all sizes look great alone or blended with mosaics and glass decorative pieces to create a one-of-a-kind look. Chrome and nickel finishes continue to dominate.


            The impact of technology on the shower/bath is ever-changing with integrated sound, lights and temperature flows can enhance the multi-sensory experience.


            Toilet flushing is getting more automated, medicine cabinets more functional with internal outlets and lighting, storage and more unique with docking drawer outlets to store/conceal plug-in bath accessories.


            Comfort, personal health and wellness are top of the mind. Creating a bath with an open feel and clean lines contributes to the sense of serenity we strive for.


Mar 02, 2016
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